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Secured Disk Space
LegitDesigns uses a RAID environment setup for our hard drives. This means that 1 drive is basically replicating another drive ensuring that if it were to fail, we would have another with the same information on it. These drives have also been hardened by Level 3 Linux and Networking Technicians to ensure maximum security.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic allowed to enter and exit through your website. We measure it in the form of GB (Gigabytes). Each 1024 MB (Megabytes, equals 1 GB). The limit put on each account is reset monthly.

Email Addresses
You can have your own email address for your own domain. For example: DANIEL@YOUR-DOMAIN-1234a.COM. This looks great for your customers instead of having a boring AOL, Yahoo or Gmail email address for your business. These emails can be configured for local computer’s software, cell phones, and we even have a secure web address you can visit to check your email. We use POP3 and IMAP.

MySQL Databases
This is a “brain” to a website basically. It is a database that stores information that can be valuable to a website. Blogs, Forums, Billing Systems, and Shopping Carts use some form of a MySQL database to handle their information.

A subdomain is just an extension to your current domain. For Example if your domain is: LEGITDESIGNS.COM, then a subdomain would be: PORTAL.LEGITDESIGNS.COM.

Parked Domains
When you park a domain to our hosting servers, you are making  1 domain mirror another. For example, when a user visits DOMAIN-A.NET he will see the same contents when visiting DOMAIN-B.NET.

Addon Domains
Addon domains allow you to put multiple domains on your hosting account. You can have your personal blog and your business all hosted under the same account, but using different files.

Dedicated IP Address
Each website you visit on the internet has a IP address. Some websites share IP address with others which can be seen on the internet. With a dedicated IP address, you are the only one that is on that specific IP. Dedicated IP is required for most SSL certificates.

Daily Backups
We have backups made daily of all accounts, contact us if you need your account recovered or reinstated.

Automated Installs (Softaculous)
Softaculous is an automated script installing wizard that we use on our servers. It will save you a bunch of time installing the most popular and famous scripts out there. WordPress, MyBB, SMF, OpenCart, WHMCS and Joomal just to name a few.

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